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Welcome to Papier Poudré Limited

Celebrating 113 years (1903 – 2016)


Thank you for taking the time to visit our website - we hope you will find it an enjoyable experience.

As you may know, we manufacture in the UK a range of absorbent powdered face papers that clean the face and remove shine

If you follow the store links to the left, and the navigation links above,  you can get all of the information you require about us and our products together with details of our overseas partners and information regarding our prices and delivery charges.

The 'About us' tab above gives you a flavour of the history of the company and how we have developed over the years.

We would welcome your feedback and suggestions and you can do this through the 'Contact' tab above. We would also welcome your reviews of our product and service, you can do this by writing a review on the Product detail screen.

You will see the following message on most of our pages and we cannot stress enough the need for vigilance. There are fake products in the market that suggest they are made by us. We are proud to be manufacturing in the UK and are proud to have signed up for the 'Made in Britain' campaign, whose logo is displayed on the left.

Please be wary of imitations - we are the original !

If you are offered the following product it is a fake - it is not made by us and is not made in the UK!





Gift Pack of 3 Books - ..
Gift Pack of 3 Books - ..
Rachel - Box 6 - 65 lea..
Rachel - Box 6 - 65 lea..
Rachel - PACK 2 - 65 le..
Rachel - PACK 2 - 65 le..
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